What’s really new about Vooxly?

You can make photos better when you choose a nice photo filter. Videos are different. Good Videos tell little entertaining or emotional stories. Browse through our voiceover library and find the right story for your clip – presented by a powerful and emotional voice of a professional voiceover artist. The voiceover library is an all-new feature to improve mobile videos.

Is it possible to record own voiceovers?

Sure! You can even record your own voiceovers while you are previewing your clip. Store your records in the ‘My records’ category and voice up your videos whenever you like.

What’s the maximum length of a Vooxly Video?

The maximum length is 25 seconds. Vooxly was founded and inspired by experienced filmmakers and media professionals. We are sure: short and entertaining smartphone clips are better than long boring B-movies.

How to share my Vooxly videos?

Switch to the menu and select ‘My Vooxlys’ – your personal Vooxly video collection. Tap the mail icon to share the selected video via email or tap the Facebook button to upload and share a video on your personal Facebook account.

All the videos you created with Vooxly are also stored in the video library of your device. You can upload or share them via social media whenever you like.

How can I mix the voiceover and music tracks?

We worked hard to keep the app as simple as possible. That’s why Vooxly comes with automatic audio mixing.

What’s the difference between “Vooxly music” and “My music”?

Songs in the Vooxly music library have been especially composed for Vooxly. When you want to share a Vooxly video online via social media, we recommend using these songs (concerning legal issues).

You can also add up to five songs from your iTunes library to “My music”. If you use these songs you have to be sure that you own all necessary rights to share them online. For further information please have a look at our Terms of Use.

I can’t hear the original audio track when I add a song to my video.

Many video apps offer a lot of features but are really complicated to use. We developed Vooxly as an all-new and easy to use video tool. That’s why we have been searching for a rule that works best for any kinds of combinations (audio track, voiceover, music). If you want to keep the original audio track of your video please save the video without music.

How to remove a voiceover from ‘My recordings’?

Tap the ‘Add voiceover’ button and select ‘My recordings’. Use the swipe gesture (from right to left) to remove a voiceover from the collection.

I can’t find a suitable voiceover for my video.

If you can’t find a suitable voiceover try to use a voiceover nobody would ever choose. Sometimes it’s even more fun to mix different stuff.

Please let us know what kind of voiceovers you like most. We are already working on a bunch of new voiceovers for updates. Please contact feedback@vooxly.com